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The “Ms. Single Mom” Readers Provide Feedback… 

“Hello Robbie, I’m glad to have had the opportunity to read this book and wanted to share with you how much I enjoyed it.  First off it’s such an easy read and at times I felt as if you were speaking directly to the mom.  I  work with many teen parents and this book will be a great tool for them and should help them to build a stronger foundation for their child. Real life situations – So many of the girls I work with need to hear and read of how someone else is facing the same situation as them and what steps they took to make it better. ”    –Tammy Wood, Parent Resource Liaison, LAUSD Homeless Education

“I purchased copies of your book as gifts for five young mothers who were working for LAOIC. Each young lady found a separate area of the book meaningful to their specific situations. I encourage you to continue your quest to reach into the soul of your readers and inspire them to strive for a closer bond with their family.”    –Chris L. Floyd, Executive Director, Los Angeles Opportunities Industrialization Center

“I fully endorse Ms. Robbie Butler’s book for single mothers and the program she has developed. The book and the program is designed to assist teen and adult single mothers. As a high school proncipal, I am very interested in having all of my single mothers take advantage of her book and the program that is offered.”    –Cecil E. McLinn, Principal, Duke Ellington High School 

“GREAT! Thought Provoking! PRACTICAL! DOWN TO EARTH! EASY TO READ! Being a single parent is not easy. In her book, Ms. Butler provides proven strategies which give HOPE to the reader that she, too, can be successful as she parents her child from infancy to adulthood.”    –Jacqueline Terry, M.A., Parent Educator

“Thank you for the opportunity to read and formally endorse your book, “Ms. Single Mom” while serving as Executive Director for the Center for Community & Family Services (CCFS).  The CCFS organization provided training to more than 300 child development providers and training to more than 3000 parents. The majority of these parents were single mothers who were trying to get off welfare into the world of work.  I strongly encourage every single mother to keep a copy of your book on her nightstand for an easy reading reference manual.”    –Prentice Deadrick, Owner, PDD Consulting

“I recommend that our Collection Development Department purchase as many copies of “Ms. Single Mom” as possible. I applaude you for such a well written, concise, and practical book that will provide guidance to so many parents for years to come. ”    -Rose Mitchell, Black Resource Center Librarian, AC Bilbrew County of Los Angeles Public Library

“Ms. Single Mom” is just the kind of book that is so desperately needed by those who have been historically targeted to be left behind. Between the covers of this thin little book are pages of vital information that can provide the inspiration and hope to millions of women currently living lives in fear and hopeless desperation.  This is a book of importance to women of all ages and ethnicities.”      -Rick Moss, Director and Chief Curator, African American Museum & Library at Oakland 

 Robbie Butler’s book is easy to read with a conversational punch that socks it to you. This powerful, resourceful, self-help guide was written for the single mom, but it’s for couples and individuals too. Robbie inspires, motivates, and provides successful tips and skills to sojourn through life’s journey – single mom, single father, widow(er), alternative lifestyle couple, or grandparent – “Ms. Single Mom” has something for you!”       –Reen Scott, Actress/Comedienne   

“Hi Robbie, I just received the book. Thank you so much for thinking about us. I can’t wait to share the book with my staff and all of the single mothers we serve at the Center. Best Wishes!!”      -Michelle Hammett, Director, Mary J. Blige Center For Women

   “This is an amazing book that will certainly be invaluable to women of all ages, all ethnic groups in all circumstances. Its applicability is simple yet profound. I see this as bigger than just a book–it is an outreach, an encouraging treatise that contributes to the strength and vitality of the human spirit and a call to excellence in parenting. The “children are our future” is not just a slogan. It is Truth.  I wish I had something like this available to me when I was pregnant and in an unwed mother’s home.”      -TiOva, VP New Media, Pyramid-Filmworks & Pyramid-Editing

“Robbie Butler’s insights in her new book Ms. Single Mom is a must read for single dads as well as single moms. It informs & teaches with the subtle grace of easy listening music, moves fast & above all – a fun read. Obviously, I say it’s a top shelf treasure, coming from hands-on experience & shared with kindness, spiritual love & a subtle sense of humor. Check it out ya’ll because “It’s All Good!”    Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs, Actor

“Insightfulness, thoughtfulness, and passion come through on these pages… “Ms. Single Mom” is the Single Mother’s survival guide.”   -Mother Love, Author, Radio/TV Personality



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