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Speak UP Enterprises and Creative Minds Publishing presents the 2nd edition of Robbie Butler’s comprehensive single-parent parenting manual, “Ms. Single Mom – Yes, You Can!” This engaging Self Help Guide is practical and easy to read; it will help Single Moms (and many married moms) manage a situation that’s often overwhelming. 

Ms. Butler affirms that every woman raising children alone – if she’s never been married; is divorced; is widowed; is separated; or is a substitute for an absent mom – qualifies as a Single Mom.

Regardless of the choice, circumstance, or consequence that qualifies her as a Single Mom; every Single Mom can now purchase her very own copy of this handy reference manual complete with real-life answers to those very hard real-life questions. 

 Some of the Critical Praises for “Ms. Single Mom”   

“I applaud you for such a well written and concise book that will provide guidance to so many parents for years to come.”
-Rose Mitchell, Los Angeles County Library  

“No theories here. The information is real and will save the single mother time and money trying to find the resources needed to help raise children.” -Prentice Deadrick, Former Executive Director, Center for Community and Family Services & School Board Member, Pasadena Unified School District

“Information and inspiration for single mothers who refuse to let either bad choices or challenging circumstances keep them from getting the job done well… help has arrived.”
-Dr. Ronn Elmore, Author

 The “Ms. Single Mom” book is used as a resource in many locations. And, the following list includes a few of them:

African American Museum & Library at Oakland (AAMLO); African American Infant Health Program (AAIHP); Black Infant Health Program (BIH); Chatmon’s Books; Duke Ellington High School; El Camino College; Los Angeles County Library; Oakland Public Library; Options For Recovery, and Spelman College Bookstore.

Purchase NowOrder “Ms. Single Mom” for yourself; then purchase this book as a special gift for every Single Mom in your life Yes, You Can!

The upcoming 5th Annual Ms. Single Mom Empowerment Forum is April 24, 2021

 For more information and registration: 

Submit your registration form online beginning on January 1, 2021

 We look forward to your participation!


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